Pet Cemeteries & Memorials Revisited

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Pet Cemeteries & Memorials Revisited

Green Acres Pet Cemetery 465 x 261

Since Memorial Day is coming up fast, I want to update my past post on pet cemeteries and memorials.

Local to Oregon

In “A Memorial for your Pet?” I listed four Oregon pet cemeteries including the Portland, Oregon Humane Society with their burial space closed. At present they do have no burial space in their Portland, Oregon campus but do offer cremation and euthanasia services. They also have a Columbarium area for a special plaque. Their Salem, Oregon campus, however, does have burial space in the Lila Kay Memorial Garden as well as a Columbarium area.

The three other cemeteries are still viable:

  • Green Acres Pet Cemetery (pictured above) is located in the Medford, Oregon area. Green Acres provides cremation and memorial services on site, along with markers, urns, and pet memorial keepsakes. They also take mules and horses.
  • Treehaven Pet Cemetery in eastern Oregon, the Pendleton area, offers burials and services as well as end of life pet memorials and monuments.
  • And the newest pet cemetery west of Mississippi, Forest Pet Cemetery in Ashland, Oregon at the southern Oregon Willard-Witt Ranch, provides markers and burials.

Across the USA

Boogie the has a great list of over 100 pet cemeteries throughout the USA. Their 2019 list was updated in May of 2021. You can view it by state: Boogie the Pug.

The most interesting and memorable cemetery mentioned is Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in New York listed as a historic site from the late 1800s with over 80,000 animals’ resting places of just about every group you can imagine.

Hartsdale historic pet cemetery,NY 399 x 527

Services and Commemorative Items

There are several services available for cremation, euthanasia, memorial service, and keepsake items. A few in Oregon are mentioned below.

Compassionate Care is a service brought to my attention by my Hairdresser, Nicolette, of Splendor on 13th in Sellwood. This organization offers in-home euthanasia along with cremation services. They also have a good choice of urns and paw print items available. Nicolette used this service for her beloved cat and said this company helped her feel considerably comforted. They have locations in northeast Portland, Oregon and Oregon City, Oregon.

Dignified Pet Services offer cremation and memorial services out of their northeast Portland, Oregon office as well as clay or ink paw prints. They also provide cremation for large animals.

Forever Friends Pet Cremations serves southern Oregon and the Rogue Valley. They provide cremation services along with your choice of urn and quite a few commemorative products. One of many options is their wooden photo urn seen below.

Forever Friends Wooden Photo Urn

Rest Assured Pet Cremation in Eugene, Oregon appears to now be integrated with West Coast Pet Memorial Service which also has an office in Portland, Oregon. This group offers cremation and online memorial services as well as a large variety of urns, markers, and keepsake jewelry like the paw pendant of gold vermeil shown following:

West Coast Paw Pendan 4211x259 best POST Pet Cems and Mems Rev. 23

West Coast Pet Memorial does have several cemeteries outside of Oregon located in California, Nevada, and Washington.

It is a very difficult time to lose a pet as it is any friend or family member. Some of the above services can definitely be of calming help in this circumstance.

I have found that writing about my past pets is useful and warming to myself. See my post “Pet Ramblings on All My Pets” and individual pet stories listed under the category “My Pets” listed on my “Welcome” page. I still have my dog’s clay paw print by his picture.

Animal Rescue Videos

From Big Geek Daddy see a deer being saved in Russia:

Next in line is a puppy stuck in a tire. What?! –

And an elephant in Thailand –

Last and special for Memorial Day –


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