National Pet Week + Summer

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National Pet Week + Summer

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National Pet Week

National Pet Week is celebrated the first full week of May. This year it is May 7th, Sunday, through the 13th. It was initiated in 1981 by the American Veterinary Medical Association to “celebrate the pets in our lives and promote responsible pet ownership”. Sounds like it is time to spruce up your pet’s domain and give them some extra special attention. You can see some great USA-made pet products to help do just that in “National Pet Day – Approaching“.

Westminster Dog Show

Also coming soon in May is the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show scheduled for May 8th-9th at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center in Queens, New York. Better have your tickets by now or get ready for the TV fun.

Time to Get Ready for Summer

If you don’t already have it, paw wax or booties (Healers Pet Care) for your furry friends is a necessity for hot summer streets. Also fun to have are splash pools from Cool Dog Splash and cooling beds or perches from KH Pets. New leashes and harnesses are a good idea too. See BeBop And, if you are water lovers, some safe water vests are musts. Collapsible travel bowls for your pets’ food and water are ideal if you are going on just a day trip or more from American

Topical remedies for your pets might be good to have on hand from Healers Pet Some probiotic grooming and wellness products from Skouts would be adventageous for after those long summer hikes and picnics.

Remember some delicious one ingredient, dehydrated, and frieze dried treats from Chasing Our for your fur buds.

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Pets on Vacation

There are plenty of options for taking your pets with you to leaving them at home. See my post “Pets on Vacation“. Ideas abound — from a day care, boarding facility, to pet sitters, RVing with your pets, reserving a pet-friendly motel or hotel, and more. So quite a number of choices are available.

Funny Animal Videos

Coming first from Big Geek Daddy – some funny kitty cats –

Next up – mighty dog –

And one more – the singing forest –


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  1. Thanks for reminding us all about not leaving pets in hot cars. As usual the videos were great!

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