July 4th Pet Safety Tips

There are several precautions you can take to safeguard your pets on this USA holiday with July 4th pet safety tips.

Our celebration with loud, noisy, and color-bursting fireworks is great for us but not so for our pets. It is a disturbing, frightening, and dangerous celebration time for them. The American Humane Association reports that July 5th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters. Pets run away, are injured, and are lost from all the noise and flashes of light, and confusing, scary celebrations.

Calming Pet Help

See my post on “Pet Anxiety Symptoms and Aids” for possible calming help.

And another post with some pet clothing, CBD, and special toy tips is “USA-made for Pets”.

Below you will see some great 4th of July safety tips for pets on this holiday from the American Humane Association and ASPCA.

American Humane Assn/ASPCA Pet Safety Tips

  • Keep your Pet Indoors at All Times
  • Don’t Put Insect Repellent on Your Pet that isn’t Specifically for Pet Use
  • Alcoholic Drinks Poison Pets
  • Going to a Fireworks Display? Leave Your Pet at Home
  • Have Your Pet Properly Identified
  • Keep Your Pet Away from Glow Jewelry
  • NEVER Use Fireworks Around Pets
  • Don’t Give Your Pet “Table scraps”
  • Lighter Fluid and Matches Are Harmful to Pets.
  • Citronella Insect Control Products Harm Pets, Too.
  • Cool it: The Fourth of July holiday occurs during one of the hottest summer periods. Animals are susceptible to heat stroke.
  • Contact a Vet – the best option may be to discuss ways to help your dog with an experienced veterinarian.
  • Secure your dog in the pre-decided place, if applicable.
  • Investigate products that may serve to calm your dog.
  • Stay calm and alert.
  • Stay aware of the effect of the party’s tone on your dog.
  • Ask kids to play away from your dog.
  • Watch out for stray fireworks.
  • Keep your dog as safe as possible.
  • Keep an eye on your dog
  • Be prepared to leave.

You can see more details at PuppyUp.org. And although this is relating to your dog, you can use the tips for your other animals as well.

American Veterinary Medical Assn Pet Safety Tips

And in that regard, the AVMA has noted some great safety tips as well for all your animals including horses and livestock. Plus they have tips for before and after our July 4th celebrations – AVMA.

Please do take this information to heart to safeguard your pets this 4th of July Holiday and for other ‘pet-frightening’ celebrations.

Pet Food Recalls

Remember to check the FDA.org site or DogFoodAdvisor.com for good information on pet food.

Funny Videos

First from Big Geek Daddy is of Robin Williams, apropos for this Holiday: https://biggeekdad.com/2012/03/robin-williams-american-flag/.

Next is about a dog who understands over 1,000 words: https://biggeekdad.com/2017/06/smart-dog-knows-1000-words/.

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Have a happy and safe Independence Day Celebration for yourselves and your pets.

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