It’s Adopt-a-Cat Month

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Yes, June is Adopt-a-Cat Month at the American Humane Society. If you have been giving thought to rescuing a kitty or adding a friend for your already kitty, now is the time. See some good information on adopting and questions to ask yourself before doing so in “New Kitten?“. And, take a look at “Pet Adoption Questions”.

Then, when you are ready, check out “Best Animal Shelter Websites“. And start your search for your new sweet feline friend.

USA-made and Needed Kitty Products

Some articles made by good USA pet product manufacturers you will probably need for your new furry feline are mentioned following.

  • A great litter box – check out Vanness of New Jersey. They provide several litter box models, both open and enclosed, as well as a sifting box.
  • You need litter too, of course. See World’s Best Litter of Iowa. This is a corn based litter.
  • How about good food and water bowls. Try Americat Co. of Pennsylvania for stainless steel.
  • For a cosy ‘hideaway’ bed go to the Cat Ball of Washington State for fun shapes and designs.
  • If you want to train your kitty to walk with you, be sure to purchase a nice cat harness or matching breakaway-collar and leash through BaxterBoo of Illinois.
  • Be sure to procure a scratcher for your kitty. You can see several at PrimeTimePetz of Texas. You can find a nice 3 foot scratcher there so your feline has plenty of room to exercise his or her claws.
  • You will also need a carrier for vet trips and any car trips or travel. One that opens on top so you can easily lift your kitty in and out is preferable. Check out PetMate of Texas for a good top load carrier.
  • One more must is a toy or toys, like the gourmet catnip by SkinnyPete of Michigan. And you might want a fun kitty feather teaser by DrPussums of Maine.
  • Remember to check with a vet and ask about good food or try some great natural cat food by PortlandPetCompany.
  • Last, remember to have your kitty microchipped at the vet and get some good ID tags at your local pet store.

Have fun shopping for your new kitty and enjoy meeting all the adorable rescues waiting for a great home.

Seasonal Pet Help by USA Manufacturers

You might also want to check on flea and tick products and allergy help for more USA-made product solutions. Go to my post “Best Flea and Tick Help for Pets”.

See “Pet Seasonal Allergies” for additional help for the season.


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