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September is not only dedicated to Service Dogs but it is also Pet Insurance Month. Have you checked out all the options to insure your pet?

In May of 2021 I posted on pet insurance reviews by Forbes Advisor in “Protection for Pets“. Here is an update so you can choose your best pet insurance options.

Consumer Affairs Reviews 2022

What I find is from Consumer Affairs in July 2022. The following are their top six picks for insurance for your pet. Two companies are the same as Forbes’ picks in 2021. ASPCA is number two here as it was by Forbes in 2021 and Spot is number four here and was number five in Forbes’ 2021 picks but down to #9 in Forbes new review.

No. 1 – Lemonade of New York, New York is a public benefit company, climate conscious, and giving back to charitable groups. Consumer affairs shows this company with 4.8 stars out of 5.0 from 228 reviews. They provide many types of insurance with their pet insurance policies starting at just $10 per month, and bundling discounts available.

From their site information they have preventative packages available but no preexisting condition coverage. Their waiting periods for coverage are just 2 days and up to 6 months. They have direct deposit for your claim payments with fast processing and payments.

No. 2 – ASPCA of Akron, Ohio has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars with 789 reviews. They cover both cats and dogs with multi-pet discounts available and up to 90 percent reimbursable costs. When you insure your pet you can see the vet of your choice including specialists.

ASPCA has supplied insurance benefits for 155 years. They do provide wellness plans and most coverages although no preexisting condition coverage.

No. 3 – Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation of Bellevue, Washington gives back through their foundation to help pet rescues and have donated over 1.7 million for rescues and shelters. They have both wellness and comprehensive coverages available with no lifetime caps on payouts.

This company also has 4.2 stars out of 5 but through 500 reviews. Healthy Paws also provides fast payouts for claims and up to 90 percent of costs in their insurance for your pet. They provide no preexisting condition coverage.

No. 4 – Spot of West Palm Beach, Florida shows 4.2 stars of 5 also but through only 70 reviews. Their policies start at just $9 per month with no claim limits. As with all pet insurance, they do not cover preexisting conditions. Preventative coverage is available for a small additional cost.

Spot pet insurance options have no age or claim limits and does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

No. 5 – Fetch is headquartered in New York City. Consumer Affairs shows this company with 3.7 stars of 5 out of just 62 reviews. They have no add ons for coverages with many conditions covered and average policy monthly costs for cats and dogs are at $25 and $35 per month.

They also provide discounts for AARP members and military.

No. 6 – Figo is the last Consumer Affairs review with 3.6 stars of 5 from 259 reviews. It shows their policies averaging $1.50 per day or $45 per month. Most companies show up to 90 percent reimbursement but Figo has a possible $100 percent. They are located in Chicago, Illinois.

They show no caps on claims of condition type and preventative plans available. Direct deposit is set up for claim payouts.

The Consumer Affairs review article goes on to explain more about pet insurance and the several different types of coverage available: Accident-only, Comprehensive, Wellness, Vet packages and network plans, and other types of pets. If you are looking now, these short explanations might be good to take a look through.

Forbes Advisor Reviews

Forbes Advisor also has a 2022 review list which shows 12 pet insurance companies. They also have links to share as to why they picked each company in the position listed. It may be good to use this as a comparison to Consumer Affairs list. ASPCA is still on Forbes list but as number 4 instead of #2 as in 2021 and they are marked with 4.5 stars of 5. Their #1 pick for 2021, Pets Best, falls to #6 in 2022 also with 4.5 stars of 5. Embrace was Forbes third choice in 2021 but has risen to number 1 in 2022 because of their variety of coverage options and are shown with a 5.0 rating.

Consumer Affairs number 1 pick, Lemonade, is #7 pick for Forbes in 2022, with Healthy Paws as Forbes’ #8 choice, Spot as their #9 pick down from #5 in 2022. Check out Forbes new article to compare all and do look at the reasons for choosing each particular company. All good information to help you make your best decision for pet insurance.

We hope this gives you a starting point with some good comparison value to choose pet insurance wisely for your fur babies.

Fun Pet Video

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