Happy Cat = Relaxed Cat

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Happy Cat = Relaxed Cat

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Since National Cat Day is celebrated October 29th here in the USA, I want to write another post celebrating our great feline friends. And, yes, a happy cat equals a relaxed cat. You can see many ways to help instill a happy demeanor in your furry bud described in my post “All About Cats“. Please also check out “October 29th…Meow!”


Interacting with your fur baby using play time, and short bursts of training, or just relaxing and petting your kitty, makes for a happy cat. Have you considered training you fur bud to walk with you or to do a trick or two? Are you into kayaking? How about your kitty joining you? If your cat likes car trips, be sure to make their carrier a comfy, cozy hideaway.

Kitty in water vest sitting on Kayak bow 250 x 187

Both LupinePet.com of New Hampshire and UpCountryInc.com of Rhode Island offer USA-made handmade collars, leashes, and harnesses for cats with tons of choices available.

VanNessPets.com of New Jersey is a good option for a great USA-made carrier, and they also make food and water bowls and more for your furry friend.


Providing objects to keep your kitty from total boredom is a must. Scratchers are not only good to keep your furniture in good shape. Treat puzzles are another fun alone-time activity. An empty box or two or three is great too. And, if you have the space, a Catico, I am sure, would be heavenly. If not, a window lounge is a fun option. Of course, toys that they can bat about are a definite do.

Cat treat maze Catamazing 410x410 best POST Cat Adopt Mo 23

Very handsome and fun scratchers are made by Imperial Cat.com of Arkansas. and Catamazing.com in New Jersey supplies their USA-made treat puzzles and feeders.

Toys for your feline fur bud abound from DrPussums of Maine for teasers, DuckyWorld.com of Minnesota for catnip toys, and Amerikat.com of Pennsylvania for felt balls.

If you would like a window perch or lounge to spoil your kitty, try KHPet.com of Colorado or PrimeTimePetz.com of Texas.

Health Necessities

Good natural USA-made cat food, treats, and fresh water are high on the agenda, including dental treats. Vet check-ups as well as good preventative supplements and a natural litter for their clean litter box are all the best for your kitty’s good health.

Portland Pet Food.com of Oregon gives us lip-smacking human grade cat food and treats. And Pet Honesty.com of Texas offers natural calming chews if your kitty is anxious. PrimeTimePetz, aside from their perches and beds, has single ingredient yummy cat treats.

SkoutsHonor.com of California presents USA-made grooming and probiotic supplements for our feline babies. Not to forget, HealersPetCare.com of Washington with their topical treatments and supplements.

Dental help, all USA, is yours through Oxyfresh.com of Idaho and TrueBluePets.com of California in the shape of pet dental gel, a water additive, and dental wipes.

Dental cat 310 x 89 best welcome


Adopting a playmate might just be a fantastic idea. Adoption would certainly be the very best way to celebrate National Cat Day! And your feline friend might just be over the moon if you do so. See my post on “Adopt a Pet” for good rescue site information. Specifically for cats in my local area of Portland, Oregon are the Pixie Project and the Cat Adoption Team.

Whatever you do, enjoy National Cat Day to the umpteenth degree with your best kitty buddy. If you adopt or did so during June, our Cat Adoption Month in the USA, cheers and yahoo for you!

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So happy to have you stop at Pet Viewpoint today. Hope to see you again next week! Do feel free to leave your comments and subject matter suggestions down below where indicated.

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