Great Natural USA Products for Your Pet’s Christmas

Whether you have a pet bird, amphibian, fish, cat, or dog, here are some ideas for great natural USA products for your pet’s Christmas which will totally delight.

Thinking of an Aquarium?

Go to of Wisconsin for starter kits, and aquariums of different sizes and types, as well as fish food if applicable, and water care products. from Pennsylvania offers water conditioning products for both fresh water and salt water tanks plus a ton of good information. of Wisconsin produces all kinds of accessories for amphibians and reptiles. I spied a great little log for my Dwarf African frogs to hide under and hop on top.

How about your Pet Bird? from New Jersey shows a great variety of bird toys in sizes to work well for your canary, your cockatoo, or your African grey parrot. of Wisconsin has vet recommended avian treats in nut, berry, honey, veggie, and millet for your feathered bud and will have them whistling up a cheerful tune. of Illinois with over 150 years in business offers a new cage cover and cage plus accessories for your flyer friend.

Are you Adopting a Kitty? of California handcrafts natural cat toys. Some are made of feathers to entrance and entice your furry pal. of Washington State makes six-sided comfy cat-cave beds in different shapes and and colors that your feline will pounce on, hide in, and have them loving you even more. from Arkansas offers USA-grown catnip toys and scratchers galore to keep your cat busy and happy. of New York shows a great varied supply of festive cat collars to make your kitty purr with distinction. of New Jersey produces automatic watering and feeding bowls so your fur ball feline won’t go hungry or thirsty. They also show several litter boxes available. of Iowa gives us their natural corn-based litter to use in that new litter box.

Don’t forget your Doggo!

Photo by Maximiliano Pinilla on of New Jersey provides licensed sports apparel for your fur pal. How fun to dress your pup up to cheer on your favorite team. of Texas offers handmade collars, leashes, and harnesses to dress your canine friend for much anticipated and stylish walks. of Colorado uses recycled materials to make her tough tug and fetch toys for your fur buddy.

Why not take your fur pal to an station and give him or her a great refreshing wash to be ready for the festivities of Kentucky will provide good natural shampoo and conditioners to use at your dog wash locale.

And of Florida will finish the wash job with some first-class natural eye wipes.

I hope that gives you some fun and wonderful gift ideas for your loving and much loved pets.

For additional USA-made pet products see “Delish Natural Pet Treats Made in the USA”.

And take a look at “For our Pets in Summer” for great USA-made summer pet products and services.

Funny Animal Videos

To top off the day, here are a couple of Christmas related videos. The first is a Country Christmas from Big Geek Daddy:

And, the second is Big Geek Daddy’s cat versus the Christmas tree:


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