For my Pet on Christmas

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For My Pet on Christmas

Christmas Star 600 x 600

Christmas 2022 was just around the backyard at the time of this writing, so it was time to think about some wonderful toys, treats, winter clothes, and other fun items made in the USA especially for our pets. They seem to have the same reactions as kids to fun surprises. So, for my pet on Christmas…

For our Aquarium Critters all USA

2 Betta Fish one blue and one red 173 x 173
Aquarium Log by Zilla 300 x 300

If you would like some good USA-made silk plants for your tank decor, go to for easy maintenance. Or for some fun decor take a look at They have a very fun ‘log’ your fish or small frogs or a snail can rest atop or swim under and even sleep under. And, more pet Christmas gifts…

Zilla has products for your pet turtle, frog, or snake too. For these guys you can also take a look at

You might think of adding some colorful, safe aquarium gravel by It is available in several colors including red, white, blue, and more. offers aquarium heaters for a small size tank of just 2.5 gallons on up in styles that are flat, adjustable, preset, and submersible. They even show a very small heater for a betta with decor included.

For a great stand to hold your tank, see as well as for more options.

Treats are available in pellet, flake, and wafer form. Go to both Marineland and Aqueon. You can also find weekend and vacation feeders for your swimmers.

Marineland Tropical Wafers 330 x 330 shows a master test kit for your freshwater and for your saltwater aquarium. You also have the option here for test strips to help ensure your water quality.

For your Pet Birds all USA

Yellow Canary up close 413 x 413
Kaytee Bird TReat stick 225 x 225 of Central Garden and Pet has yummy treat sticks available along with all kinds of very fun toys. is another great treat company with gourmet fruit pellets that will have your feathered friend tweeting up a storm.

If you could use a new cage cover for your sweet birdie take a gander at as well as for more cover options to keep out drafts. Skirts are shown through as seed shields too.

Playful Parrot toy 140 x 210

More toys as Christmas USA products for pets are available from They also provide great perches. And, remember to check out for additional toy choices.

If you really want to spoil your feathered buddy, go to KH Pet and find their heated bird perch for cold winter days.

And, you might check on for a good, safe pet deodorizer.

For your Pet Kitties all USA

Cat playing with felt ball with bell 320 x 320 gives us natural, organic toys like the felt ball shown in the picture here. provides cat scratchers, trees, plus gates and carriers for your feline friend. And, see for safe catnip toys and treats, as well as fun gifts for cat lovers.

Candy cane decorated cat collar by UpCountry 315 x 236

To show off your kitty bud, find a new collar and matching leash using ribbon and all handsewn in over 100 designs at You have another option from who offers a lifetime guarantee.

How about some calming chews from PetNaturalscom. offers food containers, dispensers, and automated water bowls to fascinate your kitty and encourage them to drink the amount of water they need. You can also find personalized food and water bowls through

kitty in soft white bed 223 x 223

For a cute, snuggly bed see for my pet kitty on Christmas. Their beds are made of organic cotton. If you are looking for a heated, thermo, cooled, or elevated bed, see

If you would like to give your kitty cat a good bath and grooming, check out Zeus and for handcrafted shampoos, oils, and fur foams. And to add to the package, try for their plant-powered indoor and outdoor sprays.

For your Pet Canines all USA

fall winter red dog coat on tan sitting pup 225 x 225

Great toys for power chewers plus more are available through And, do see for their safe, durable Zogoflex toys and treat toys.

Pet Honesty calming hemp chews 175 x 175

Calming hemp and soft chews are made by Pet Do remember to look at for their all natural dog treats as well as for their natural, no preservative treats including antlers and available in sizes for puppy, medium, and large.

For a bright new collar and leash set made using recyled materials go to for Christmas USA products for pets. Also take a lengthy peek at for their ‘no-pull’ harness available with personalization in various colors.

If your best doggo could use a good winter coat take a look at and their washable wool coats and sweaters. Do consider too for their warm winter coats and raincoats for your fur buddy.

Kuranda elevated bed with blue pad 160 x 96 provides ortho and elevated beds as well as beds for tough chewers. And makes heated, cooled, and elevated beds for your best fur friend.

To spruce your guy or gal up for the Holidays skin care natural products are available through including dental treats and wipes. And for some help with odors try for their organic natural odor elimination liquid.

Enjoy looking and choosing for your best pet friends. And delight in this, our holiday season!

To see even more USA-made and sourced products and services see our “Category” section on the Welcome Page.

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Christmas Tree with white gold lights 360 x 158

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