Dog Show Coming Soon

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Dog Show Coming Soon

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A heads up for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. This dog show is coming soon February 15-16th. It is so fun to see all the many different breeds and how well they are trained. And then there is all the hoopla on the chosen winners in each category of working class, toy breeds, herding dogs, hounds, and non-sporting types. And, I don’t know about you, but I always have my fingers crossed for my favored doggos in each group.

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Westminster Kennel Club was established way back in 1877 by a group of ‘sporting gentlemen’ in Manhattan, New York…New York City. They met at their favorite hotel bar in the city and decided to use their fav bar’s name for their new founded sporting dog club.

J.P. Morgan, their site says, made his first appearances in Westminster with his Collies in 1893. And, it continues, that famous American journalist, Nellie Bly entered her Maltese in 1894. Westminster is the oldest established non-profit organization in the sport of dogs.

Their annual show began in 1948. Today they have close to 3000 dogs participating from throughout the USA and beyond. They sponsor the Master Agility Championship and the Master Obedience Championship. See more about the organization at Westminster Kennel

Westminster dog show entrant Cavalier 480 x 270 webp


The Westminster Kennel Club show is great and seeing all the various breeds and types of dogs is much fun. My little Maltese, Morgan, was a member of the AKC. But I think in today’s world we need to take care of and adopt all the many dogs available whether pure bred or not. And, of course the vast majority in rescues are mixed breeds. These canines are extremely trainable and definitely make wonderful loving and loyal pets and many prove to be champions in their own right.

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