Did you Celebrate on National Dog’s Day? and When is National Cat’s Day?

National Dog Day

If you celebrated with your pooch you get a big thumb’s up. August 26th is our USA Pet Day for our canines or National Dog Day. There are so many ways to give your furry friend an extra nice day.

How about an extra long walk and perhaps at an off-leash spot. Or a special treat topper on your pal’s food. A great new toy or take some time to teach a new trick or special command. A run thru the sprinkler is good too. A home cooked meal like fresh chicken…yum!

Light tan Valentine puppy holding a red rose in his mouth 251 x 201

Here’s a connect to some fun doggy ideas for you from Big Geek Daddy: https://biggeekdad.com/2018/06/11-useful-dog-hacks/.

Also go to: “Delish Natural Pet Treats Made in the USA” for some special treats for your special dog on his very special day.

National Cat Day

National Cat Day follows just down the road in October on October 29th here in the USA. It is noted that this day was started to bring awareness for cat adoptions.

USA-made Kitty Treats and More

So it sounds like it is time to stock up on some lovely natural, made-in-the USA catnip! Go to natural USA Yeoow Catnip for your fuzzy friends delight or try The Pussums Cat Co. of Maine for natural catnip.

Cat playing with felt ball with bell 320 x 320

Also try Dr. Elsey’s clay cat litter. This is their only litter made in the USA. Another natural USA-made walnut shell litter is NaturallyFreshLitter.com of California.

Try PrimeTimePetz.com for Hauspanther’s USA-made delish freeze-dried single ingredient kitty treats. And, ImperialCat.com of Arkansas for all natural toys, treats, and scratchers for your feline friend.

You can also give your fur buddy a trip to a kitty condo resort to play with other felines. A pretty or handsome new collar and leash is great from K9bytespets.com of Oregon. And, from Colorado’s K&HPetProducts how about a fun kitty perch for window bird watching or a heated bed for winter.

Some human-grade special pet meals from PortlandPetFoodCompany.com of Oregon, I am hearing, would be more than welcome by your furry bud. A fun, comfy bed by TheCatBall.com of Washington state would be happily accepted.

And, do look at special natural grooming products from Earthbath.com to make your kitty’s fur shine, another great product..

In any event do make it a special day for your feline fur baby. They’ll love you even more.

Should they need some help for anxiety see: “The Growing Trend of Pet CBD“.

Pet Food Recall Notice

Do remember to check on pet food recalls through the FDA.org site or you can subscribe to recall notices by Dog Food Advisor.com.


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6 thoughts on “Did you Celebrate on National Dog’s Day? and When is National Cat’s Day?

  1. We’re huge pet fans, but for the first time in our lives don’t have either dogs or cats right now. We miss sharing our home with those loving creatures. For now, we’re enjoying the visits of chipmunks. Lol.

  2. Yay! National cat day.
    I celebrate National Dog day.
    However, this year, we were in the emergency vet because my parents dog swallowed half of a corn cobb, went into emergency surgery, and now he is fine. He had a great recovery. Oh the irony.

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