Delish Natural Pet Treats Made in the USA

Toward the end of summer, our animals have had plenty of outdoor time for play and learning good behavior and new tricks. It’s time to reward them with some wonderful USA-made all natural and yummy treats. Read on for some great picks.

For your Pet Bird in lllinois makes tantalizing gourmet fruit pellets. of Wisconsin, subsidiary of Central Garden and Pets, provides avian treat sticks of nuts, berries, honey, veggies, millet seeds and more.

For your Kitty Cat

DuckyWorld Products of Minnesota gives us organically-grown catnip toys.

Hauspanther for of Texas offers freeze-dried single ingredient treats of chicken and beef liver and turkey heart, plus toppers. of Arkansas makes Snackin’ Treats that are comprised of flowers, buds, and leaves.

For your Doggy

Jones Natural Chews of Illinois offers us all natural beef, chicken, bacon, and turkey treats plus delicious bones to chew on. by Kennelmaster Foods of Florida gives us single-ingredient dehydrated treats of beef, liver, and chicken all sourced in southern USA states. of Pennsylvania makes all natural human-grade gourmet dog treats of chicken, cheese, beef, surf and turf, and peanut butter, plus chews.

For your Aquarium Fish and Dwarf African Frogs of Wisconsin, a subsidiary of Central Garden and Pet, offers fish pellets, flake foods, betta food, and algae wafers…food for all types of aquarium fish, plus much more for your aquarium.

Cobalt International of South Carolina provides USA-made fish flakes and frog bites.

Marineland by Spectrum Brands Pet of Virginia gives us fish pellets, shrimp wafers, and tropical wafers. Also by Spectrum Brands offers flakes, pellets, crisps, wafers, and betta pellets. of California makes time-release food blocks, shrimp, bloodworms, tablet food, flake food, and frog food.

Those are the picks for now. Choose the one you would like and do support our USA-made manufacturers.

See more USA-made choices for your pets for summer: ” For our Pets in Summer”.


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