Celebrate National Pet Day

Animal paw prints tan 600 x 600

Showing our pets some special love and extra attention with USA-made pet toys and treats is how to celebrate National Pet Day. Below see some great toys and treats for your pet birds, cats, dogs, and your small aquarium critters all made and sourced in the good ol’ USA. Celebrate with your furry, feathered, and scaly friends!

Pet Tag Day

Smiling Husky and grey cat

First, an aside about Pet Tag Day, it is always the first Saturday in April. This is so important in case of a lost furry buddy. You can order engraved tags easily online or purchase at just about any pet store.

If you haven’t already microchipped your pet through your vet and tagged your pet with your ‘return to owner’ information, it is time…especially around the July 4th fireworks. Many scared pets are lost on that holiday.

Regarding frightened or skittish pets, see my post about pet anxiety – “Pet Anxiety Symptoms and Aids”.

National Pet Day

April 11 is our USA National Pet Day. Together with safeguarding your pet with good identification it is time to give extra attention to your pet.

How did April 11 happen to be picked? This is what Google found: “Colleen Paige, animal welfare advocate and pet and family lifestyle expert, founded National Pet Day in 2006 to celebrate the joy pets can bring to us. But she also wanted to bring attention to the ongoing needs of many pets of all kinds waiting in shelters to be adopted.”

Surprisingly, it has not been all that long since we have had an official National Pet Day.

For all our pet days in April see my earlier post “Pet Happening Days in April”.

If you don’t have a pet to celebrate with but are considering adopting see my post “Best Animal Shelter Websites“.

Spoil your Pets on National Pet Day with all USA-made

As mentioned, here are suggested great USA-made pet products for fun and play for our pets. And how to celebrate USA Pet Day with our pet friends so they can enjoy this April 11th and beyond.

USA-made entertaining toys for your Aquarium

Aqueon’s Zillarules.com of Franklin, WI, a subsidiary of Central Garden and Pet of California, offers some fun decor products for your aquarium, like the Bark Bend pictured here:

Aquarium Log by Zilla 300 x 300

The Bark Bend is like a large log your swimmers can swim through or into or over. It is also great for climbing on or laying on or sleeping under. My frogs and my snail love this. This is a great object for your swimmers to enjoy and a fun, interactive way for them to celebrate on USA Pet Day and all year long.

Another idea for your aquarium is from ZooMed.com. Pictured below it is called a Mangrove Root – great for swimming through and around. It’s also very decorative for an underwater scene.

Decorative aquarium Mango Root by Zoo Med 700 x 700

From Marineland.com you can add some silk plants for your aquarium. Fish and dwarf African frogs seem to love to hide and swim among these items.

Silk aquarium plant, green by Marineland 330 x 330

For treating your Pet Birds

A&ECageCo.com of New Jersey offers their USA-made brand Happy Beaks in small, medium, and large sizes for your parrots in colorful dangling toys. An example is their Atomic Dream Catcher – very intriguing for your feathered guys.

Pet bird colorful hanging toy called atomic dream catcher 130 x 117

Prevue Pet Products of Chicago, IL (prevuepet.com) makes a great swing for your guys to exercise their wee legs on. It is named ‘Wacky Wood Swing’ and it’s so very colorful.

Pet bird fancy wood swing

Kaytee Products (kaytee.com) of Wisconsin, a subsidiary of Central Garden and Pet of California, provides some terrific superfood treat sticks for your budgie, or conure, and more to snack on. See the one pictured here:

Kaytee Bird TReat stick 225 x 225

Special fun for your Furry Felines

PurrfectPlay.com of Indiana gives us natural and organic cat toys like their large Felted Wool Cat Ball with a Bell. Great for your kitty to bat around and trounce on.

Catamazing.com of California offers cardboard Cat Condos. These you can put together to fit your space however you decide. Hence giving your kitty a very exciting toy to hide in and explore. This toy is endorsed by Hauspanther.

Cat condo toys by CatAmazing 500 x 500

PrimeTimePetz.com of Texas gives us their Hauspanther brand cat toys. See one of their cat scratchers here for your kitty to enjoy: Also good to keep your feline from using your furniture for their scratching habit.

Cat Scratching Post

Great toys and extra fun for your Canine friends

Red tough tug dog toy

For your ‘tough’ puppies, AmericanDog.com of Colorado offers their Double Bungee Tug Toy.

ChasingOurTails.com of Minnesota makes natural dehydrated and frieze dried treats and chews like their Antler Chews or Smoked Bones. How are those for great treats and edible toys!

Chasin Our Tails dog antler chews 300 x 206

The best for last is PlanetDog’s light-up Strobe Ball available through OutwardHound.com of Colorado. I had first hand experience with this funtastic dog ball seeing my niece’s Corgi play with it. He had a blast! A great toy for your doggo to enjoy long after celebrating on USA Pet Day.

Light up Strobe Dog Ball

Take advantage of some of your USA-made manufacturers pet products and see how great they endure and please your pets. You can go directly to their websites listed above and, if not available at the direct site, they will tell you where you can find their offerings.

Funny Animal Videos

And, now a couple of fun animal videos to give you a smile:


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