Cat Adoption Month USA is When?

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Cat Adoption Month USA is When?

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Cat Adoption Month USA is when? All during the month of June we devote to adopting felines as well as celebrating aquariums. Have you given any thought to rescueing a kitty or an older cat to their forever home? Can you resist that adorable face and their loving purrs?

US Cat Ownership Facts

Pet Age tells us in their new Cat Guide that there has been quite an upsurge in kitty cat ownership in the USA during the past few years particularly during Covid. The 2021-22 numbers from American Pet Products Association versus the 2017-18 figures from American Veterinary Medical Association show a rise in cat ownership to 45.4 million or 35 percent of US households having at least one feline compared to 31.9 million or 25 percent in the earlier report. And with this rise the cat product market is coming more alive as well.

Another interesting fact the guide states is that the minority or just five percent of the adopted cats are pedigreed cats.

Rescue Sources

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On that note for our National Cat Adoption Month, Pet Finder is a good place to start searching for your new best feline friend. You can find pets available for adoption near you and list your preferences for your desired rescue on their site.

You can also find good long established rescue organizations like the Humane Society of the United States, Best Friends Animal Society headquartered in Utah, and ASPCA since 1866. If you are local to my area the Oregon Humane Society near Troutdale is the largest rescue organization in the Northwest and the oldest in the United States. Two others for felines locally are Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood, Oregon, and The Pixie Project in Portland, Oregon near our convention center.

Before Adopting

You might take a look at my post “Pet Adoption Questions” for important questions you need to answer for yourself in our cat rescue month USA before actually adopting. Also “New Kitten” has some good training tips, especially on potting training.

Great USA-made Feline Product Sources

Should you rescue and give a forever home to a sweet kitty, some great USA-made products especially for cats to consider for your new furry love are:

-Stainless Steel food and water bowls available with or without a stand – Amerikat

-Treat activity mazes and puzzle feeders –

Cat treat maze Catamazing 410x410 best POST Cat Adopt Mo 23

-Single ingredient treats, scratcher posts, and more:

-Cat Beds, both heated and for cooling –

-Top-entry litter box – Clever

-Great kitty litter made with walnut shells – Nalurally Fresh

-Organic catnip toys –

Cat toy red/blue Duckyworld 365x303 best POST Cat Adopt Mo 23

-Calming chews –

-Collars, leashes, and escape-proof harnesses –

-Human grade natural food – Portland Pet Food

-Probiotic grooming and wellness products –

-Dental products –

That is plenty of good resources to get your newly rescued kitty bud happy and going strong.

One last unforgettable resource for kitty knowledge and health care information for you is Tufts Catnip com newsletter. This is coming from one of the top veterinary colleges in the world. They provide good and inexpensive publications on felines you definitely do not want to miss.

Wishing you a very loving companionship with your new fur buddy!

Pet Food Recall Notices

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Funny Animal Videos

Enjoy from Big Geek Daddy on a ninja cat –

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And lastly, The Backpacking Cat –


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