Callie – my Big Red Kitty

Introducing Callie

She is my big feline girl, just over 20 pounds but very svelte. And what a total lover, at least, when it suits her! Here she is at her waking-up best. And, now a short cat story of a cat named Callie.

Callie’s eyes are a deep dark blue green…very unusual and beautiful. The color definitely suits her.

We have had many great adventures together. She loves to walk along with me and investigate nature. I believe she had several misadventures as well as fun events in her past existence. You see, Callie was a street-living character of a cat before she was rescued and eventually found by me. The rescue site had several fun tales to relate about my fearless Callie girl. Evidently there was a feral cat watchman or woman who took note of Callie and followed her outings on occasion hence some of the stories to come with more added from my imaginings of Callie’s spirited liveliness.

Callie Off to Adventure

”Meyawn! Must be light time. Meowrr am I hungry. Think I’ll stroll into the woods and find a bite.” So goes our street cat in the mid-summer months to locate her meal. The weather is so very warm with a slight breeze to cool her as she starts to stalk small rodent sounds.

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Giant Animal in the Woods

She comes upon a rushing creek and stops mid paw as a giant rotund animal with dark fur and long claws rushes up the bank in her direction. Our street kitty is aghast and stark frozen for an instant by the size of the animal. Never ever has she seen such a monster. ”Meow Mew Mew”- the gargantuan passes on by carrying a flapping fish in its mouth. She watches as the big bear hustles a little further into the brush and then disappears into an opening near a small ridge.


Our street cat is so relieved she settles down to take a short nap and awakens midday very hungry. She does go in earnest to search out her meal and falls fast asleep once more after playing ‘cat and mouse’ with her tasty chipmunk.

Awaken by Monster

‘Now she awakens at dusk and hears a loud rustling nearby. “Meow’rr”. It’s the enormous dark furry thing coming too close. In auto defense she swipes at the fat giant. Then she hightails it up the nearest tall fir tree. “Oh my! I cannot believe my eyes but this large thing is climbing after me.” Callie climbs to the highest limb to save herself. And, there she stays for two full days as she has angered her bear monster and he is in watch for her, and unbeknownst to Callie, it is a mother bear also protecting her newly born and nearby cubs.

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Adventure Outcome

This has all been related by our feral cat watchperson. As it was told, Callie came stealthily down from the treetop on the third morning after the bear giant had given up the chase. I can imagine how hungry she must have been…and cold…and tired.

Maybe she learned to stay out of the forest for fear of running into the burly giant once again. We hope. And that concludes my first short animal story of Callie the Cat.

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