A Happy Pet Thanksgiving

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A Happy Pet Thanksgiving

Wishing all a very happy pet Thanksgiving! And with family and friends.

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With cooler and colder weather upon us at this time of year, one great way to help your pet have a happier and healthier Thanksgiving and holidays to come is to think about warmer gear for walking, hiking, and playing. Please refer to my post entitled “Fall/Winter Pet Gear” for excellent USA-made choices for your furry, feathered, and swimming pet buddies. Wind, rain, snow, drafts, will all affect our best pet friends’ as they do us.

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You might want to catch the National Dog Show airing on NBC at noon Eastern time on Thanksgiving Day and also streaming on Peacock. Twenty million viewers are expected to be tuning in.

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In any event I want to wish you all a very happy and rewarding time on Thanksgiving with family and friends. With your pets, as time allows, a fun game of fetch, or a short hike, or walk, and a yummy turkey treat, only the white meat for safety, will definitely put your canine friends in a happy frame.

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So happy to have you stop at Pet Viewpoint. Come back often and remember to let your pet-loving friends and family know about our pet blog to enjoy fun stories, good researched pet care articles, and the best USA-made recommended products and services to benefit your beloved pet friends.

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